Apr 11, 2012

Army Lab to Develop Energy-Saving for cleaner and more reliable energy

ABC News - The military uses 90 percent of the energy consumed by the federal government, which accounts for about 2 percent of all U.S. energy consumption. Reducing reliance on fossil fuels will make the military more efficient and save lives, officials said, noting that many casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan involve convoys hauling fuel to battle areas.

Some of the technology developed in the labs might spur innovations for passenger and commercial vehicles, officials said. Industry and university experts will team up with military researchers on some projects.

Producing more energy on military bases will serve their national security mission by making them less dependent on the commercial power grid, officials said. They planned to announce a goal of generating 3 gigawatts of electricity — enough to power 750,000 homes 

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Army Lab to Develop Energy-Saving Technology