Sep 29, 2006

The Eco-Idea House

The "Idea House," is a collaboration between Popular Science and Businessweek. It's "chock full of sustainable materials" and they have made houses built around and zero-energy. "A home generator produces electricity from natural gas at a 95% efficiency rate. Rooftop solar panels generate most or all of the home's electricity." " The home also comes with a FuelMaker Phill Home Refueling Station for refueling a natural gas-burning car. Its presence is a blatant plug to buy the Honda Civic GX, but the home pump deserves all of the press that it gets if it lives up to its promise: to bring fuel costs down to roughly the equivalent of $1.20 per gallon. Its natural gas is a domestic product, so no dependence on foreign oil. And natural gas-powered vehicles are the cleanest-burning internal combustion engines in the world with virtually no emissions. "This car makes the Prius look like a diesel semi."" There is a gallery with the article.  » original news