Mar 28, 2007

Milw. Journal, others: PNAS study details the climate zones to come

It is a commonplace that climate change will mean different locations for climate zone, and maybe some new zones altogether. No news in that, but a new study attempting to provide some detail is getting attention. It's from researchers at the University of Wisconsin and the U. of Wyoming. Not only will some new tropical zones appear, but some kinds of climate may disappear from the planet, the study concludes. Dramatic shifts are due for some of the globe's most populated areas, too, including Southeast Asia, parts of the US, much of Africa, and the Andes. The shifted climate will bring novel conditions to about 40 percent of the planet, it says here. Pic hi res here.



Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Lee Bergquist; AP Randolph E. Schmid who stresses some climates won't just change if the study is right. They'll be gone; Reuters Deborah Zabarenko; New Scientist Andy Coghlan; The Guardian (UK) James Randerson says results will devastate biodiversity;


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Univ. Wisc. Press Release; NSF Press Release; U. of Wyoming Press Release;

Source By Charlie Petit on Environment Stories