Mar 29, 2007 Seeks Recyclers and Refurbishers to Claim Free Merchandise

Since its launch three years ago, thousands of users from coast-to-coast have posted new and used merchandise on for give-away to interested takers. As members post more and more outdated and unwanted equipment, seeks recyclers and refurbishers willing to claim the goods in their area.

At, charities, businesses and individuals from all over the world "throw" their excess onto the Internet where others view and "take" what they need for free. offers a structured, discreet, and easy-to-use format where online users are able to post goods, browse by item or location, and monitor their Throws and Takes in their site account. Once a donor accepts a request for their listing, exchanges email addresses of the giver and taker so that pick up or shipping arrangements can be made directly.
From Laura B. (Thanks! ;-)