Apr 16, 2007

If we don't get it together, our last supper could be Al Gore's frog soup.

I think our human egos like to think that we caused global warming because it also helps us believe we can fix it. If only it was that simple. 
The best "carbon neutral" plans MAY be steps in the right direction, but they are only Band-Aids applied to a much larger problem. If the Earth continues to warm, humankind will have to adapt, or die.  The chances of the worldwide coordinated effort to collectively fight global warming seems extremely unlikely given our current propensity for war, hoarding resources and the mounting demand for a dwindling supply of essential resources like water and food. Instead of fighting over the last remaining drops of oil, we ought to be putting our resources and greatest minds to the task.  I am confident there are many high-tech answers to some of the problems we face, but low-tech also holds much promise.
Whether we agree on who or what is causing it, the fight to slow global warming must take place at the lowest common denominator - us. I don't think we have a chance to fix it, but we could slow the process down long enough to see if we can adapt quickly enough to survive as a species in a hotter world. The alternative is extinction... Read more from Juan Espinosa,  http://www.chieftaincom/metro/1176533784/6