Apr 16, 2007

MI Families given choice of 'heat or eat': DHS

LANSING - The Department of Human Services (DHS) today announced that it is out of funds for energy crisis assistance for fiscal year 2007.

Individuals receiving home heating credits will continue to receive assistance through September, but new applications for energy crisis assistance will be denied due to lack of funds.  About $1.9 million goes to Michigan families each week. Energy programs help families by providing home heating credits to low-income households to pay energy bills and crisis assistance to prevent shutoffs or make emergency repairs. Reduced federal funding will further limit energy assistance for Michigan families.

"For many Michigan families, it is a choice of whether to heat or to eat," DHS Director Marianne Udow said. "I can only add my voice to the many Michigan leaders, including Gov. Granholm, who urged the president to release emergency LIHEAP funds."