Apr 11, 2007

Newsweek: "Save the Planet-Or Else"

It's a bold cover tagline: "Save The Planet - Or Else." 
Is the push to save the planet a fad, or a turning point? Here's hoping it's the real deal.

First, Science Editor Sharon Begley's discussion that even curbing CO2 emissions won't be enough to get us out of our mess.
Secondly, the "How to Live a Greener Life" section, which includes knowing your personal carbon footprint and these driving-specific tips:
Use public transportation more often: "You can reduce your carbon dioxide emissions by about 1,590 pounds per year if you leave the car home two days a week and take public transportation instead."
Good tips, sure, but not enough to match the "or else" threatened on the cover... comment from autobloggreen.com
[Source: MSNBC-Newsweek]