Oct 23, 2007

Dupont to Appeal W.Va. Jury's US$196 Mln Verdict

NEW YORK - DuPont Co said Friday it will appeal a jury's verdict awarding nearly US$200 million in damages in a class-action suit brought by people who claimed they were sickened by contamination from a former zinc smelting plant.

"We are extremely disappointed by the outcome of the Spelter case," DuPont's General Counsel Stacey Mobley said. "We believe there were many errors that deprived the company of a fair trial," DuPont's Mobley said. "We believe the evidence shows that there is no increased risk of disease or need for remediation in the class area."
 "DuPont's remediation was, and continues to be, supervised by state and federal regulators," Mobley said. "The company's cleanup efforts were in compliance with applicable state and federal regulations."