Oct 23, 2007

Will they blame "everything" on global warming?

This is not a joke...

Minneapolis Star Tribune headlined:

Did heat, rusted plates doom bridge?
… authorities are analyzing what role the 91-degree heat on Aug. 1 might have played in increasing stress on the already-weakened L-11 gusset plate, which connected four steel beams located near the bridge's south end. Like the New Orleans levees that failed during Katrina, this bridge was not well-designed. In particular, it apparently could not handle the consequences of the cold and heat that Minneapolis is subjected to: (more…)
Haase comments ...
My GEO also overheated a few times also this year due to "global warming" ?
I assure you that Both Toyota and bridge Engineers will confirm that both my GEO and this bridge were designed to work on this heat range + 10%. However, my GEO and this bridge had the same weakness "load and mileage range exceeded" 
I guess we can look for the cause to justify our personal answers in anything...