Nov 21, 2007

GreenBust - you can't even find a single reference to being green on today

NBC's Vast Green Wasteland or Lipstick on a Pig

las-vegas-2.jpgWhat a total dud NBC's Green Week turned out to be. I thought that

  1. the shows would find clever ways to promote green themes
  2. this would launch NBC on becoming greener.

Not! Indeed, the only good news is that the shows bombed across the board. Looks like viewers aren't suckered by greenwashing.

As for #2, you can't even find a single reference to being green on today (you have to click on the tiny "corporate info" item at the bottom, and then look for the "Green is Universal" link under Headlines.). But, amazingly, what you will see on the NBC homepage is multiple ads for the Nissan Rogue, a cross-over SUV that gets 23 or 24 mpg! I guess green isn't really that universal. [And, coincidentally, the TV writers are striking in part because greedy producers won't share this kind of online ad revenue with them.]

The shows were very, very lame from a green perspective. The funniest was 30 Rock (click on David Schwimmer picture/Greenzo episode), but it was a brutal satire on corporate greenwashing. The only person who is genuinely green is Schwimmer, who is a stereotypically obnoxious about the environment. Al Gore has a funny cameo, but he is mainly spoofing himself.

Scrubs is pretty funny, but the janitor's effort to green the hospital fails for lack of interest. Thanks NBC! Grist was similarly disappointed with the Thursday night line-up.
Deal or No Deal had the models saying things like "Recycling is Cool, America" Recycling? Seriously? Uhh, that is like, so 1980s retro, please! Even dumber, Kermit the Frog (or what sounded like a lame imitation of him) was on the show to green it up, although he didn't actually say any environmental things that I recall. But he was green-colored!

What really convinced me this was not just a meaningless but actually a counterproductive exercise was that I happened to catch Las Vegas. NBC should be embarrassed for calling this a "green" episode (you can watch the episode, titled, "It's Not Easy Being Green" — gosh, how original — here):