Jan 25, 2008

Wisconsin survey shows overwhelming support for Great Lakes compact

From Steve Huyser-Honig

According to the Daily Telegram of Superior Wisconsin, a new survey conducted by Clean Wisconsin shows overwhelming support for the Great Lakes Compact throughout Wisconsin and across political parties.

The survey shows support for the Great Lakes Compact is as strong in regions of the state away from the Great Lakes as it is in communities adjacent to the Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. About 83 percent of Wisconsin residents living away from the Great Lakes support the compact.

Survey results also show political affiliation played little role in whether people support the compact. Respondents who identified themselves as Republican, Democrat or Independent demonstrated relatively equal support — 83 percent, 76 percent and 82 percent, respectively.

Let's hope the Wisconsin legislature gets the message and quickly adopts the Great Lakes Compact. Legislation in Indiana has passed out of committee in both the House and Senate amid overwhelming support from industry, agriculture, and environmentalists.