Apr 21, 2008

Earthday Part 3 of 3 "influencing change"

Message for Earthday Part 3

I saw a friend of mine smoking last week while drinking alcohol around his family in a national restaurant after noticing his SUV parked outside... all legal and socially acceptable at any night of the week, witnessed around the global with most NASCAR fans.
I said HI! and took a moment with my kids and his to hang out and enjoy each others company. He is a good guy with a great family.
That night in the car my kids asked if the "smoking and other issues" bothered me? I let my kids know that it only bothers me because I care for him and his family.
I know he can read, has a degree and loves his family and these kids... he also knows enough about tobacco, oil and alcohol to use this knowledge and love for better choices.
His parents drive a Prius and never drank much or smoked... my mom smoked and family drank socially.
The only deference I can see is striking commonality in similar cases... My parents raised me with "better personal choices and less judgment on others". They expressed they love me and believed "I could do better". Indeed, they made better choices than their parents (eventually giving up tobacco and alcohol).
"better personal choices and less judgment on others" can be the influencing force to positively change our generation of children and even their parents.
...the strength of your will and love in your heart is not determined by your size, age or education. - Haase