Aug 11, 2008

Dirty Jobs Mike Rowe going brown

Mike Rowe on the environment.  
So you’re sympathetic to the cause, but critical of what exactly - the execution?
If we’re talking about the importance of cleaning up after ourselves and leaving a light footprint, I’m all for it. But really, I’m tired of being lectured by people who care more for the planet than the people on it. There’s a lot of “inconvenient truth” in the environmental movement, and a ton of manipulation. That leads to hypocrisy and opportunism. Mainly though, I’m just appalled by their choice of color. I mean seriously - green? What were they thinking?
So you’re not impressed with the efforts of people like Al Gore and Leo DiCaprio?
I’m not going to question anyone’s agenda or motive. But I strongly suspect that millions of responsible Americans who see themselves as environmentally conscious have been turned off by the marketing of green, and might feel uneasy about falling in line behind movie stars and politicians. Celebrities might generate awareness, but flying around in private jets and being famous doesn’t help our environment. Picking up other people’s garbage does.
Aren’t you famous?
Please. I’m on the cover of a supplement. And I’m interviewing myself.
I always liked Mike ;-)