Sep 7, 2008

The 65 mpg Ford the U.S. Can't Have

Ford's Fiesta ECOnetic gets an astonishing 65 mpg, but the carmaker can't afford to sell it in the U.S.
If ever there was a car made for the times, this would seem to be it: a sporty subcompact that seats five, offers a navigation system, and gets a whopping 65 miles to the gallon. Oh yes, and the car is made by Ford Motor, known widely for lumbering gas hogs.
"We know it's an awesome vehicle," says Ford America President Mark Fields. "But there are business reasons why we can't sell it in the U.S."
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Want 100's of 60 mpg in the U.S.... not unless you want to pay up to a DOLLAR MORE per gallon (hey someone has to pay for ethanol's free ride)
The Northeast remain "hostile to diesel."
Diesel vehicles are now  as clean or cleaner than gasoline and at least 30% more fuel-efficient.
Yet, the U.S. market remains relatively unfriendly to the fuel. Taxes aimed at commercial trucks mean diesel costs anywhere from 40 cents to $1 more per gallon than gasoline.