Nov 21, 2008

The NEW New Deal: Dead on Arrival (not green, just red)

From George Washington Like all Americans, I was raised to believe that the "New Deal" got us out of the Great Depression.

But a team of UCLA economists have determined that some of FDR's policies prolonged the depression by 7 years. Proponents of the Austrian school of economics have been saying this for decades.

The smart money is calling the New New Deal dead on arrival.

For example, Bloomberg writes:

President-elect Barack Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may throw as much as half a trillion dollars worth of stimulus at the economy -- and have little or no growth to show for it.

One of the leading authorities on monetary policy says that the Fed and Treasury are "fighting the last war", and using an approach that they think would have worked in the Great Depression, even though the cause of the 2 financial crises are entirely different.

Now, Congress and Obama are set to duplicate the fiscal stimulus approach of FDR.

Instead of being smart and taking actions which will work, all branches of the government appear to be spending sums we can never repay to take actions which will likely be ineffective.


Haase comments: Inarguable facts on COAL and "Cap N Trade"

No one will argue these points with me because they are as grave as the cold hard facts below...

Obama: "I will bankrupt the coal industry"   92 percent of the coal used in the United States, is for generating electricity.

He may want to read his own energy outlook from the DOE  where we PLAN to use coal for 90% of our needs... for the next two decades 

It is also a MASSIVE cash cow for the U.S. trade... at over  $ 5,441,811,760 a year

EIA (DOE) reported last month that:"Report No.: DOE/EIA-012" 

The U.S. Coal Exports (Short Tons)      
North America Total  7,492,728      
South America Total  2,185,343
Europe Total  10,501,463    
Asia Total  1,761,093      
Africa Total  1,127,503   
Exports 38,870,084

The U.S. total us is 1,026,636,000




OECD countries will buy up our cheap coal and produce three fold the emissions of what the U.S. would do with the same coal.  


Who do we want to hurt and how?  Commodity Trading CO2 (cap n' trade) is not regulations or conservation that can actually reduce coal use or pollution (it does the opposite) it is energy tax on the poor. It will only make it cheaper for export and then how are we helping the world or people?


Carbon sequestration WILL increase overall pollutants

Cap and trade will backfire

Insane - US Unveils Plan to Bury Carbon

Carbon capture of CO2 worse than ethanol

Will U.S. Carbon tax $0.09 or $0.40 a gallon?

Problems with CO2 trading and storage...

Carbon Trading is like, "Trading sand on a beach"

Carbon trade market just crashed

Cap-and-Trade schemes mean Billion$ in Windfall $$ for Utilities

Bloomberg calls for a carbon tax - Dahhh!

Hundreds of Billions in Carbon Credits and Subsidies to Polluters

We all lose in the "The global warming cap-and-trade bill (S. 2191)"

Please read more about "crap and trade" at: CarbCrap