Nov 19, 2008

Wowoo... drops the sugar bomb.

THE world's largest food manufacturer has reduced sugar levels of some of its top-selling kids' foods - and will stop advertising non-nutritious products under a plan to improve its image worldwide.
Nestle will unveil the global marketing initiative in Switzerland later today in response to growing concerns about the role of food manufacturers and their marketing practices in rising obesity rates.
The new "global marketing to children principles" will be underpinned by a nutritional profile system that will define which foods will be allowed to be marketed and which will need to be reformulated to meet marketing guidelines.
The global shift in marketing practices by the company, which has annual global sales of $US120billion, has been largely driven by Nestle's Australian operations in response to rising community concerns about food marketing.
"Nestle believes this system is the most comprehensive of any company globally as it spans all 27 food and beverage categories in which it has products and covers all consumer groups from children to adults," the company will announce.
"The system is based on scientific research and public health recommendations of the World Health Organisation and US Medical Institute. It is a dynamic approach which will be reviewed and updated based on the latest developments in research and consumer concerns.
May I say WOW!
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