Dec 17, 2008

U.S. Driving Decreases for the Twelfth Straight Month

FROM: EERE People in the United States drove 3.5% fewer miles in October 2008 than they did in October 2007, making October the twelfth consecutive month of year-to-year declines in U.S. vehicle miles travelled, marking the largest ever continuous decline in U.S. driving. October alone saw a year-to-year drop of 8.9 billion vehicle miles, which is the largest October decline since 1971... many were motivated by high gasoline prices,
Travel within the United States is expected to drop even more this holiday season, according to HNTB. The company's most recent nationwide survey found that 45% of U.S. residents plan to stay home for the holidays. Of those that do travel more than 50 miles, 75% expect to drive, while only 17% plan to fly, 4% will take the train, and 2% will travel by bus, all of which suggests that the shift to mass transit is greater for work commuters than for people taking vacations.
See the press releases from the DOT and HNTB.