Dec 18, 2008

WasteCap WI News - Reuse it or lose it!

Headlines from WI - WasteCap
This innovative, industry-leading program resulted in more than 23 million pounds of material recovered for use in 2007, diverting it from disposal in a landfill. To read more, visit American Recycler
U.S. EPA, partners kick off green building design challenge / Contest to reward designs that save resources, costs
In the third year of the Lifecycle Building Challenge competition, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and partners are inviting the nation’s architects, product developers, educators, environmental leaders, and students to submit innovative designs that minimize waste, reuse materials, and cut greenhouse gas emissions. eas generated by the contest help jumpstart the building industry toward diverting the more than 100 million tons of building-related construction and demolition debris sent each year to landfills in the United States. This free, Web-based competition supports an on-line library of competition entries and green building resources. To learn more, visit
EPA Site
Making Recycling an American Success Story in Challenging Economic Times
Across America, thousands of communities and businesses are raising awareness at special events and throughout local and national media to drive home the importance of recycling. This year, the day coincides with the election of a new President who has made clear his commitment to recycling and energy conservation. However, President-elect Obama and the new Congress must fulfill that commitment in the face of daunting economic challenges. Recycling is not immune from recession forces - lower tax revenues for city services, a difficult investment climate for recycling infrastructure, and declines in commodity markets and prices for those very materials we most recycle - aluminum and steel, paper, plastic, and glass. But there are reasons for optimism. As a nation we recycle about 34 percent of our municipal solid waste. This does not count the millions of tons recovered from used automobiles and appliances, construction and demolition sites, and myriad industrial wastes. These are good numbers, and we can and will do better. To read more about how and why we can do better with recycling, visit Newswire/Forbes
LEED 2009 to Take Effect Next Year
Green building buffs, take note: the US Green Building Council announced earlier this week that LEED 2009 has been approved and will go into effect next year. LEED's newest incarnation incorporates regional credits — extra points identified as priorities in a project's environmental zone. It also has undergone a re-weighting of credits to reflect energy efficiency and climate change as priorities. To read more, visit
About: WasteCap Wisconsin and its clients have diverted 294,925,997 pounds of construction and demolition waste from landfills, which is 53.1 pounds per person in Wisconsin. The equivalent of 93,756 trees have been saved by recycling wood and cardboard.  WasteCap Wisconsin's archives