Feb 16, 2009

EHS data timeline is on...

I crawl into a regulatory cave of solitude to help our companies and clients meet regulatory deadlines this month. Here are some dates to remember and other annual ones.

January:  Collect last year's fuel, waste, VOC, solvent, raw material consumption and other operating data needed to prepare annual inventories, reports and registrations noted below.  Note any changes to the quantities and types of equipment used since the year before last(source).
February:  Solvent degreaser annual reports 
February:  Surface coater annual registrations
February:  Automobile refinishers annual registrations
March:  Biennial hazardous waste generator reports
March:  "Tier II" hazardous chemical inventories
March:  Waste recycling reports for commercial businesses
April:  Earliest deadline for major air pollution source annual reports to EPA
April:  air emissions inventories due
May 1:  Annual underground tank precision testing where required (pipes and leak monitoring devices also)
May 1:  Begin DEM May-October asphalt plant records
June:  Annual US DOT registration fee for anyone offering hazardous materials for transportation
June:  Underground Storage Tank Environmental Results Program (ERP) Checklists Due 2005, 2007, 2009, etc.
July:  EPA "Form R" Toxic Release Inventories due
July:  US EPA polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) annual document logs
Varies:  Title V operating fees due (source)
October:  Complete May-October DEM asphalt plant records
November:  Annual DEM underground storage tank registration renewal and fee (date may vary)
November:  Annual nitrogen oxide emissions testing for affected major sources
December(or sooner):  Annual hazardous waste generator training
December(or sooner):   (or sooner):  3-Year Underground Tank Corrosion Surveys
December(or sooner):   Annual OSHA Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) employee training
December(or sooner):   Annual DEM tank inspection reports
Varies:  Annual Title V Operating Permit compliance certification submittals
Just email me if you need more... I have a rather large data matrix of regulatory compliance dates.