Feb 26, 2009

The mistakes of our fathers

I am not kidding... are they. 30 years, where have we gotten?
Looking at past 30 year investments and return value:
  • Oil peak panic - trillion$... no answer
  • Afghanistan - billion$... no answer
  • Solar across America - dead after billion$ of Carter ERA cash
  • Fusion Since 50's trillions... no answer
  • Iran - Billions... no answer
  • Korea - Billions... no answer
  • Preventing market, debt, credit crashes of the 80's - trillions... no answer
  • Nuclear waste - billion$... no answer
  • Now Three Mile Island ???
And where are we headed? At some point we need to listen to all the answers buried in this website and in history to solve all these problems... or be destine to fail by continuing to make the same mistakes.
I would not be critical of any of these problems if I did not offer dozens of better ideas.
Haase - Genius is simplifying the most complex and inefficient ideas into simple actions we can all do.