Mar 22, 2009

A botanical respect for humanity's most important renewable food.

Kusa Seed Society Works to Conserve and Regenerate Edible Seed Grains. The Kusa Seed Society is working to conserve and regenerate rare and edible seed grains around the world. It's aim is to increase humanity's knowledge and understanding of its own historic relationship to edible seed crops, cereal grains, grain-legumes oil seeds and other precious edible seeds. Cereal grains are humanity's most important renewable human food resource and have been called "culture elements" as pillars of civilization. "Kusa" is a word from the ancient Sanskrit language that came to be used in India as a name for a storied, ceremonial grass, a "sacred grass" known as kusa grass. The Society's adoption of the word is intended as a gesture of botanical respect focused on the grain-producing cereal grasses of the earth.
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