Mar 28, 2009

Hope that good choices will change others and address Humanity's Global Crises.

"Choice is an illusion, created by those with power, for those without."
Vandana Shiva  -And where did this start? All this feels so timeless, but it started with humanity getting at the fossil fuel, which was never supposed to be touched… But that model carries on. And globalization now is industrializing every activity of every human being's life across the planet. For me, globalization is really expanding the use of fossil fuel.

And so while on the one hand, when we talk climate change, we're talking about reducing emissions, the entire economic model is based on increasing emissions. It is based on increasing emissions by destroying small-scale peasant farming and introducing large-scale industrial agriculture. It's increasing emissions by making every one of us dependent on our everyday needs to come from China.

Everything today is being made where it can be made most cheaply, which means where sources can be exploited the fastest and workers can be exploited the highest. And at one level, that's what's being reflected in China's double-digit growth and India's nine percent growth. It's basically converting our resources into commodities, to be sold around the world.

But that conversion requires the wastage of human beings on a scale we've never seen. Read more via

A free Democracy with regulations and laws written 'by the people for the people' has proven that we can help ourselves while helping others and achieve near limitless potential.
When we start to lose those freedoms as democracy dissolves... the regulations and laws designed to protect ourselves and others also dissolves.
And we can hope and dream as much as we want that our singular choices will make others change. But in reality, change - is an unstoppable, inevitable succession, we 'the people' decide if this change will be positive.
We can only bring positive change to others by setting the best example for them to follow... freedom and democracy.
~ Hope. It is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength and your greatest weakness.~