May 18, 2009

OBAMA knows we can already have 35mpg about 50mpg!

With Obama setting a tighter timeline and target on 35mpg standards for U.S., many people are concerned this is a little aggressive... He is not.

I assure you that Obama is fully aware this is a easy and MUCH needed standard. Most family cars in the mid 80's-90's exceeded 35mpg and a few trucks. And both Ford and GM have sold dozens of models  for both trucks and cars that exceed 35mpg for decades.

What will happen if U.S. auto makers ignore timeline?
Easy consumers will buy foreign models like the VW cargo van that gets over 50 mpg.

I repeat these are huge 12 seater CARGO VAN's!

Volkswagen even made a Commercial Vehicle  that the combined mpg figure for the vehicle stated above is 46.3mpg.

However, where vans in this class were driven in real world conditions, found that this vehicle actually achieved 52.48mpg.

Making it the only van in its class to achieve over 50mpg.

These significant achievements are a result of a combination of improvements, including new manual gearboxes, a modified DPF (Diesel Particular Filter), enhanced BlueTDI common rail, direct injection diesel engines and refinements used on Volkswagen's latest BlueMotion models.that have increased engine torque by up to 13.6 per cent, plus improved fuel consumption to help reduce running costs. 

YEP 34mpg city / 50 mpg highway CARGO VAN's   Read more about these at VW