Jun 29, 2009

Focus on unsustainable, limited hope energy investments with no ROI?

WHY do we need a 'carbon market'? Apparently to drive us off the brink of 'no return' on the environment and energy.

With everything to the left on the chart below offering 'win, win' options in reducing consumption and costs...

Why are we investing everything on the right and not the left? Everything on the right can be done NOW and offers quick return on energy, costs and makes HUGE impacts on reducing consumption, CO2 and finite resources....

Just examine the technical cost and feasibility of everything on the right and have any expert tell you that these are expensive, unproven, overly optimistic programs with massive scale, longterm and cost issues... they will take decades to work while we continue to throw away all viable options to change.

From the words and chart of David Hone- a rush to calculate the “cost” of climate legislation – some with the view of destroying the bill and others to reassure us that it won’t impact us at all.

...have a look at the McKinsey abatement curve for the USA

Click image for larger picture

There are two parts to this curve, the left hand side where no carbon price is actually necessary to deliver the reductions, and the right hand side where a carbon price is needed.

Haase - Apparently 'geothermal' is so far to the left it is off the chart as it!
When everything tangible is right then the left IS wrong....