Jun 25, 2009

Thanks for visiting the blog... did you need more info?

Gary Luquette of Chevron Thanks for visiting the blog...

Regardless if it was Mr. Luquette or just a Chevron director I always like to see visitor I.P.'s to this blog that reflect influential individuals from industries that control our future. A huge rise in individuals and GOV traffic from the DC and Virginia also give me optimism on the 'crap-n-trade' and 'cash-4-clunkers' future.

Visitors - I hope you found the answers you were looking for that can help our energy crisis.

But did you need more information?

I would also encourage any visitor from private, GOV and EDU sectors to give me a call or shoot me an email for more data and information I am not a liberty to publicly disclose.

I solely volunteer my personal time and small volunteer army to this effort as confidential, non-bias and problem 'resolving' EHS professionals.

Our combined experience in Environmental, Health, Safety, Energy and Hazardous Materials is over a hundred years spanning two decades.

We do not care what your spin on the cause or crisis is... as long as the 'true intent' is to protect people and the planet.

Global warming? Cooling? Peak Oil? Peak Population? Peak Water? .... are really irrelevant arguments as they detract away time and resources from the same root causes to all of them.

We have very large, tangible energy, water, air, national security and safety issues that are falling further behind the more we debate effects and ignore the cause and solutions - Haase