Jul 29, 2009

Breakthrough Ultracapacitor Technology for 250 mile range

A lengthy interview of Ian Clifford of Zenn Motors who indicates that EEStor will publicly prove its breakthrough ultracapacitors soon. (H/T Talk Polywell
The ZENNCity electric car which would be the first vehicle to use these batteries has a 52kwh 250 mile range EESU that would only weigh 280 pounds.

EEStor is building a state of the art pilot production plant that is very significant. The Zenn Motors CEO and others have seen the EEStor plant.

EEStor is to deliver a production prototype off of the production line by the end of 2009. Once they deliver a production prototype it is a production unit that is production ready.

EEStor stores their energy at around 3500V. Zenn Motors would step that down to operating voltages likely in the 600 V range. Very very high efficiency drive system operating at much higher voltages than any other current EV drive system. That does a number of things. It increases the drive efficiency, it makes the components somewhat smaller, and ultimately less expensive and obviously for mass commercialization that's a very important consideration.

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