Mar 30, 2010

The future of fuel - Markets transition from coal & oil to natural gas

NEW YORK ( -- The world seems awash in natural gas. HTML clipboard

...Forecasting agencies, long known to play it safe before touting new trends, are only predicting a modest increase in gas' share of the world's overall energy mix by 2030. But some analysts are saying it could be much higher, with big implications for the electricity markets - and coal-fired power plants in particular.

Natural Gas Gaining 50% for Goldman (Bloomberg).. Exxon Mobil Corp. is making a $28.5 billion bet on natural gas, this year's worst-performing energy commodity, just as hedge funds amass their biggest wager on prices falling.

The first collapse was after oil boomed over $80 per barrel ( In the 'next three months' here we go: Oil above $80 as traders look to US jobs data ... after the formal announcement of 2011 oil peak.

On a positive note, we have all the answers if we choose to use them as 2,487.5 MPG was achieved at 2010 Shell Eco-Marathon Americas

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