Apr 28, 2010

The humble battery: 210 years later, the breakthrough we still await

"I am hoping battery tech gets a whole lot better - fast. Jim " arc-ion.com
Sorry Daugherty... Hoping for a true 'breakthrough' may be bleak.

Invented in 1799 by Alessandro Volta, it not only has yet to be perfected, but has operated all along on essentially the same chemical principles.

Were that it were different: If engineers could figure out how to store sufficient electricity in a sufficiently small, light, safe container, there would be a cascading revolution -- in super-utilities, electric cars, laptops and mobile phones. With the possibility of a trillion-dollar industry at stake - (Review of new book)  read more

Haase - "Energy Storage" will (must) get better, even the latest batteries I am afraid have vast economic and environmental challenges to ever make their integration into scale grid load feasible.   In the next decade when we need them? - Nope

The "real tech of batteries" has not evolved in decades and the 'high tech' of them is as finite as the rare earth metals that are not plentiful enough to support it in large scale.

And for every hint of hope I see, there are 100's of scams eating grants, investor and tax payer money up.