Apr 9, 2010

EPA offers free SPCC Plan template

Electronic versions of the Tier I qualified facility SPCC Plan template in 40 CFR Part 112, Appendix G are now available.  The template is intended to help the owner or operator of a Tier I qualified facility develop a self-certified SPCC Plan.  To use the template, the facility must meet all of the applicability criteria of a Tier I qualified facility in 40 CFR Section 112.3(g)(1) of the SPCC Rule.  The template provides every SPCC Rule requirement necessary for a Tier I qualified facility that must be addressed and implemented.  The owner or operator may complete the template either electronically or by hand on a printed copy. HTML clipboard

This template may be used to comply with the SPCC Rule or used as a model and modified as necessary to meet facility-specific needs.  If the owner or operator modifies the template, the SPCC Plan must include a section cross-referencing the location of each applicable requirement of the SPCC Rule, and the Plan must be an equivalent Plan that meets all applicable rule requirements in Section 112.6(a)(3).

The template is available in interactive PDF, Word, and Word Perfect versions at the following URL:

A PowerPoint presentation on the November 2009 Rule Amendments is now available.
Presentation: SPCC Rule Amendments: November 5, 2009, 74 FR 58783 (PPT)

Compliance Dates- On June 19, 2009, EPA published in the Federal Register a SPCC compliance date extension for all facilities until November 10, 2010. Facilities must amend or prepare, and implement SPCC Plans by the compliance date in accordance with revisions to the SPCC rule promulgated since 2002. Farms must also amend or prepare their SPCC Plans, and implement those Plans by the same date.