May 28, 2010

CBPO Environmental Updates

S. 3372, A bill to modify the date on which the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and applicable states may require permits for discharges on certain vessels  Under current law, permit requirements related to certain discharges from fishing vessels and nonrecreational vessels less than 79 feet in length will become effective on July 31, 2010. S. 3372 would extend that date until December 18, 2013.

S. 3373, Air and Health Quality Empowerment Zone Designation Act of 2010 would authorize the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to create air andhealth quality empowerment zones in various regions of the country. Certain entities within those zones would then be eligible for federal grants to fund the replacement or retrofitting of vehicles or engines to reduce pollution.

S. 3374, Cleanfields Investment Act would authorize the Environmental Protection Agency to provide grants to nonprofit organizations, units of local government, and other eligible entities for locating renewable energy facilities (including renewable energy manufacturing facilities) on brownfield sites.

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