May 23, 2010

CUT - mass transit, agriculture, housing, and the environment?

Sixty-two percent of Americans think that the country should reduce spending in order to cut the deficit.  What do they think we should cut?  Nothing that can make a dent....

Kevin Drum at Mother Jones reminds us that foreign aid is about one percent of the U.S. budget.
…there were only four [other] areas that even a quarter of the population was willing to cut: mass transit, agriculture, housing, and the environment. At a rough guess, these areas account for about 3% of the federal budget. You could slash their budgets by a third and still barely make a dent in federal spending. 

And it is as if we are oblivious of where "renewable energy money should go"
Clean coal and nuclear do not look so 'cheap' when you peek at the actual budget costs....