May 22, 2010

Gearless Honeywell Wind Turbine’s Hitting the Market Soon???

I posted about a year ago about this... and we are STILL waiting. 
Now it's later and $6,500 - Whats the deal?
EarthAlt Honeywell Windtronics' compact for 25 percent household's energy needs with only 2 miles per hour of wind speeds, unveiled at the National Hardware Show this month, and will soon be sold at local ACE Hardware stores this August.

Honeywell Wind Turbine is small size with 6 feet (182 cm) diameter and 170 lbs (77kg) weighs designed for homes and businesses needs. The Honeywell Wind Turbine's Power Blade System creates energy at the blade tips, rather than through a central gear and rotor used in most turbine technology. With this system, wind turbine will be able to eliminate central gear and shaft resistances for cost and energy output efficiency.

Price at $6,495 Honeywell Wind Turbine is less expensive and easy to install. Equipped by a computerized smart box and inverter to support the perfect work at 2 miles per hour wind speeds. Read full at EarthAlt