May 24, 2010

Green Speed Air motorcycle

NaxNews: "The thing that comes out from the exhaust is the same that we breathe," said design student Edwin Yi Yuan, referring to the Green Speed Air motorcycle, a concept bike intended to run on compressed air. A rotary air engine fed by high-pressure air tanks means no gas, no combustion, no exhaust--and no gearbox or shifting either, due to a single gear at a 1:1 ratio.

Built as a student project at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, the GSA bike is intended to be a land racer, which also obviates the need for a headlight and tail-light. But the compressed-air technology is not without its problems:

It [air power] has lower mileage than petrol. I mean to cover the same distance, you need a lot more volume of compressed air than petrol. That means  a few things, we're either going to have to go to the gas station more often then we go to the restroom, or have a  tank the size of your bathtub on the bike which makes it not only somewhat odd looking but also very heavy.On the other hand I appreciate a subtle elements of classic bike design with the wrap around windshield. The up right seat back is also a great design feature that takes us back to the romantic mid 20th century designs.