May 23, 2010

Save our Future and Economy "Zero-energy buildings" - We have the technology

Are we really choosing to continue to invest in impractical, hightech and financially implausible solutions to our economic and energy crisis while we can create millions of jobs, save billions of dollars, and be energy independent IF we want to.... while may not give all the best answers, they do produce inarguable math that eliminates the need for unsustainable dreams of clean coal (drains .688 billion of economy), A Nuclear Renaissance (drains .708 billion of economy) and crap N trade (drain 10 trillionfrom market) 

So do we want to continue to throw away our future of finally invest in it?

"We have studies that show [zero-energy buildings] are practical for approximately 62% of buildings in the U.S., based on technologies we have today," he said. "That's mostly one and two-story buildings and still leaves out a lot that can't reach it, but those buildings can be low energy.

In fact, Peterson said that currently available energy efficiency technologies alone (not even looking at generating power from wind or solar sources) could reduce the amount of energy used by the total U.S. building stock by 50%.

While there is a lot of 'industry talk' by Peterson at Boing2, makes all the number the U.S. needs to 'understand'.
I know math hurts.