Jun 25, 2010

A scientist's job looks like a lot of fun... because it is.

 Who's the Scientist? Seventh graders describe scientists before and after a visit to Fermilab.
"A scientist is hardworking, studious, detail-oriented, observant, intelligent, exacting, and patient. When I think of a scientist, I think of someone who sets out to find the facts without predetermining what the outcome is. During this process a scientist must be fair, honest and unbiased. A scientist must be exact by following all directions and recording every step and observation, so that the experiment can be reduplicated. He/she must check and double-check all of his/her work. A scientist is very important in our lives because all of the experiments he/she does in the lab can affect our health, environment, nutrition, and other aspects of our daily and future life." . . . Marisa 

The scientists really liked this description. Was it written before or after the visit to Fermilab? See what the kids have to say.