Dec 26, 2010

Green War... greenwashing... a little scary and weird

Saw this one to share from the EnergyBulletin ... Greenwar aims at using design as a discourse in order to point a critical finger at what is commonly known as "greenwashing" i.e a tendency to literally ab/use ecology, turning it into a mere selling point. It also ponders over the designer's responsibility. How did we end up developing "eco-friendly military products" in a workshop dedicated to eco-design? Here are some elements which will make things clearer about our aims and how we proceeded.

The workshop theme that was given to us contained already a choice, a particular orientation and definition of eco-design: we were to create an ecological 'brand', a marketing strategy. But ecology and the marketHTML clipboard  are incompatible, just like the "sustainable development" oxymoron, because it is the marketing that drives and maintains this consumer society. We cannot have a real ecological action using the very same tools that harm the environment, and we cannot live in equilibrium with the environment unless we get out of this constant destructive logic.

That is why we have decided to focus on this eco-marketing 'dangerous liaison'.

But how could we avoid the dullness of a "politically correct" social responsibility campaign which would merely spread the good word without tackling and reaching the heart of the matter? ...