Feb 10, 2011

Ethanol Still a good idea when we can't feed 50 Million Americans?

Just when you thought you had nothing more to give.
First investors made a run on your home, then your 401k... your pantry is next.
"Today, the government decides and they misdirect the investment to their friends in the corn industry or the food industry. Think how many taxpayer dollars have been spent on corn [for ethanol], and there's nobody now really defending that as an efficient way to create diesel fuel or ethanol. The money is spent for political reasons and not for economic reasons. It's the worst way in the world to try to develop an alternative fuel." - Ron Paul

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The US government slashed its forecast for corn stockpiles

Bloomberg - Ethanol futures soared to the highest price since July 2008 after a government report showed the US corn