Mar 23, 2011

Benign by Design: Reducing the Toxicity of Products - Free Webcast

How do you make a better, greener product? It's a question that businesses of all types are posing in light of growing calls by customers and stakeholder for greater environmental responsibility. This is leading some companies to examine their entire supply chains in order to get a full picture of the opportunities and challenges. If you know what goes into your product, you can identify opportunities for greater efficiencies, both economically and environmentally.
This webcast series focuses in on a critical set of inputs common to most supply chains: toxic materials.

HTML clipboard"Benign by design" refers to the design of chemical products and processes that are aimed at reducing or eliminating the use or generation of hazardous substances at every stage of a product's life-cycle. "Benign by design" is not limited only to impacts of chemicals during product manufacturing but also through the products' entire life cycle.

Join Joel Makower, Executive Editor of in this three-part webcast series, featuring experts and thought leaders in reducing toxicity in products. Among the things you'll learn:
  • the impacts of toxic materials on human health
  • tools for how to identify concealed toxic substances in commonly used materials
  • how to balance the risk of using toxic substances with other benefits or considerations (such as functional requirements)
  • which standard methods exist to test for product emissions
  • which new regulations are emerging that will require changing the review of products which go to market
  • challenges in phasing out common toxic substances and reducing the toxic material burden
  • the role product standards play in the addressing the challenge.
Speakers will use case studies and real-world examples to share the information.

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