Apr 22, 2011

"Happy, Coulda Hada Eathday" - EarthDay Canceled due to poor economic choices

Imagine we have no money to protect our people or planet
Haase -
(previous rant)
While I do not often talk "eco-nomics" the threat has become as much as a national health issue as cancer and as much of a environmental issue as global warming. If you are as concerned as much as I am about understanding our current economic problem then the quotes below may be a good resource.
Without a nations "economic health" there is NO money for environmental, health or safety... to be more clear, all the the efforts you (EHS professionals) have worked on for decades to protect our nations resources will be for nothing. Imagine a nation where half our companies can no longer afford to protect workers, the public or their environment... it's easy if you try. 

'continued unregulated
economic and overrun government spending
will dissolve any and all hopes for clean or sustainable energy in our future'....

In an ERA without basic health care or employment for over 10% of our nation we will have NO choices but to sacrifice necessary environmental, energy and just to protect the suffering.

UNLESS we make the right choices by investing in environmental and energy sectors that grow our jobs and GDP.
It is VERY possible, but I have observed no 'realistic ideas for actual change or anything remotely different from decades old environmental and energy programs that failed horribly.

The good news is that our environmental and energy solutions can also be our economic salvation IF done correctly... you can read all over this site.

Noel Gallagher - Hippes had 40's year to do something...

While it may sound harsh... Noel Gallagher makes some VALID points. "environmentalists: Greens are f***ing hippies with no place in the world. They've been telling us for the last 50 years not to use aerosols or the sky's going to fall in. Well - you're the scientists, do something about it. How do you suggest we get 50million Chinese not to have a fridge? Or get 700million Americans to stop using their big stupid cars. The only way its going to happen is if the sky falls in. Until is does, these Greens are wasting their time. I'm glad - because in 50 years time I'll be dead. » original news

Does this seem "extreme"?
or am I not being objective?

Pollution & Global warming was "end of world" news during the 60's and 70's... What happened to the generations of people who cared and loved? They left the future in the hands of politicians and green groups who told them what to buy and how to act "green" (green washing).

Sound familiar yet?
Just wait ... The ME gen got frustrated nothing happened and bought 5,000lb SUV's to drive to 3,000 sqft homes 40 miles from work in a subdivision with no forest or trees in sight... then got divorced,  doubling the "Eco-Impact".

Seriously look at history and what is in the news right now... will they still care in 5 years or stop after the next presidential election as they did in the past.