Apr 29, 2011

Removing Energies Brain Power... cutting U.S. Energy data, analysis & forecasting activities

Immediate Reductions in EIA’s Energy Data and Analysis Programs Necessitated by FY 2011 Funding Cut

“The lower FY 2011 funding level will require significant cuts in EIA’s data, analysis, and forecasting activities,” said EIA Administrator Richard Newell. “EIA had already taken a number of decisive steps in recent years to streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency, and we will continue to do so in order to minimize the impact of these cuts at a time when both policymaker and public interest in energy issues is high,” he said.

EIA must act quickly to realize the necessary spending reductions during the present fiscal year, which is already more than half over. The changes in products and services identified below reflect initial steps to reduce the cost of EIA’s program... read more from Source- Energy Information Administration

Haase - In the 90's I called this series the "Kindest Cuts - when funding is cut from our leaders of data, analysis, forecasting of information" when we NEED them the most.  History, learn from it or become it...