May 29, 2011

Google Invests $55 Million in California's Massive 1,550MW Alta Wind Farm

Boy, you would think Rick Needham would give me a call by now about my gcommunities idea ;-)
Because, "doing what has already been done" seems like a bad way to invest $400 Million or Billion$$$
My idea was free... with a 13month ROI and lifetime EEROI

Google Blog - The site of the Alta Wind Energy Center (AWEC), which will generate 1,550 megawatts (MW) of energy when complete, making it one of the largest sites in the country for wind energy generation—enough to power 450,000 homes. Renewable energy developer Terra-Gen Power is constructing the site in several phases and we’ll provide $55 million to finance the 102 MW Alta IV project. Citibank, which has underwritten the equity for Alta Projects II-V, is also investing in this project.
google alta wind farm construction photo
We’re always looking for projects that are uniquely positioned to transform our energy sector. As part of the new 4,500 MW Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project (TRTP), AWEC uses some of the first transmission lines developed specifically to transport renewable energy from remote, resource-rich areas (like the Mojave) to major population centers... With this deal, we’ve now invested more than $400 million in the clean energy sector. We hope AWEC’s success, with its unique deal structure and renewable energy transmission, encourages more financing and development of renewables that will usher in a new energy future.

Google and two unfamiliar sounding business partners have received a key first-approval for construction of a $5bn power transmission project, linking the landward power grid to several wind farms to be built off the US Mid-Atlantic coast. (The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has ruled the project can earn a 12.59% return on equity (ROE) - a bit less than the 13.58% requested.) The partners are Google, Good Energies and Read the full story from a Hugger

Seriously Google Investors...
HAASE - I have great respect for your massive investments in clean energy, but would rather see it continue for the long haul or it is just another "Jimmy Carter Solar Comment"

How well does wind compete against my plan without feed in and subsidies? (hint: in doesn't ;-) 

A organization would prove through actions to our Administration that  we can save our economy, energy and environmental future by "fiscally proving sustainable energy is economically sustainable". And when they want to make decades of energy efforts a reality and financially sustainable.... they will give me a call. "

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