Jul 28, 2011

FREE Webinar on OSHA Hazcom and GHS compliance

OSHA is scheduled to revise its Hazcom standard to comply with GHS by the end of September, 2011.
As an employer with hazardous materials on-site, significant changes to your hazard communication practices are in store. You will need to acquire a GHS compliant Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for each chemical in your inventory and re-label all chemical containers. If using materials no longer in production by the manufacturer, the burden of re-authoring MSDSs to SDSs and developing GHS compliant labels falls on you. In addition to adopting SDSs and labels, you must update your written programs and training to reflect the updated Hazcom standard. 

Prepare for GHS today by joining Kim Peterson, Safetec’s Regulatory Expert and Director of Environmental, Health & Safety on this webinar, Your Path to GHS Readiness.

By attending this webinar you will learn:
            • How and when GHS will affect your organization
            • Step-by-Step guide to GHS compliance

Complimentary GHS Transition Tools for Attendees!
            • GHS Transition Guide
            • GHS Overview Brochure
            • Detailed GHS White Paper

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