Aug 14, 2011

Nice 180 mpg MotorCycle

...This custom-built machine is a throwback to the aesthetics of 1920s boardtrack racers, right down to the copper rivets, Brooks leather saddles and even, if you so wish, white tires. Derringer pitches its hybrids as ‘the next generation motorbike’—a claim that some electric moto makers might disagree with. (We’re told that ‘The ultra-clean four-cycle powerplant meets stringent CARB tier 3 emissions standards’)
Derringer Cycles
The engine is a 49cc OHV 4-stroke that offers an impressive 180 mpg; the transmission has a centrifugal clutch and freewheel, so the pedals can remain stationary while the engine is doing the hard work. No two Derringers are the same, and they’re absolutely guaranteed to stop the traffic.From Bike EXIF