Aug 28, 2011

Raising food prices on poor and middle class investors move to food stocks

WOW - first they outsourced your job (to save a nickle) then the sold you an impossible home loan foreclosing on your house and then they nearly emptied your pension after draining your savings account.... Finally when you thought you gave all you could, they go after your food.

Imagine what is going on to the starving in our nation and then get you head around the 1 Billion who will die of starvation in the next 5 years as you read this "investors guide" to getting rich on food stocks.

MSN - "Forget stocks; buy food"
Agriculture commodities are on the move, breaking out of consolidation for the first time since last summer.
It's been a tough summer for stocks and other risky assets -- but the same can't be said for agricultural commodities. Hot, dry drought conditions have ruined crops all across the American growing regions. At the same time, demand remains robust thanks to the big appetites of newly empowered eaters in the developing world

The combination of tighter supply and stronger demand is sending prices higher once more. As a result, as a group agricultural goods are pushing up and out of a long seven-month downtrend dating back to February. A powerful new uptrend is being established. Here's how to take advantage. - Read full report here if you can stomach it