Sep 21, 2011

Honeywell Gearless Home Wind Turbine Launches Again - Much higher price?

After many years of waiting... better late than never ;-)
The turbine spins at 0.5 mph and generates energy at two mph of wind. Honeywell Wind Turbine is rated at 1,500 watts in 31 mph winds, according to WindTronics materials. In terms of noise, an important factor tied to location, the turbine has “negligible” vibration and makes about 35 db of noise at 10 feet. 

The WT6500 Wind Turbine can be used in either the residential or commercial context, subject to local zoning and permits if required. To help people learn whether small wind like this makes sense, WindTronics developed a tool to estimate local wind speeds, utility prices, and rebate programs, which is available online at

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...Wind Farm Honeywell WT6500 Wind Turbine by WindTronics, $10,000 (est.; includes installation) the wheel is six feet in diameter, whisper-quiet, and can pr Depending on an area’s clean-energy incentives, the turbine can pay for itself in only a couple of years, though most owners will make back their investment in five to 10.oduce up to 1,500 kilowatt-hours of power per year—enough to replace about 15 percent of an average household’s energy bill.
2010 The much-anticipated
Honeywell Wind Turbine from WindTronics officially launches today, one day prior to Earth Day.  This is a small wind 1,500 watt turbine that we’ve mentioned extensively – here’s a video of one spinning.  The launch is supported by a global network of distributors, partners, and retailers ready to sell the unique turbine from a starting price of $5,795, plus installation. I say this is a starting price because it depends on the connector.  The Honeywell Wind Turbine can be connected to the grid (Power One Aurora Grid Tie Inverter option), a building (SmartBox option), or a battery (Direct DC option) JetSonGreen

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