Sep 4, 2011

Will Solar Solve the World’s Triple Unsustainability Crisis?

We are living in an era of global “triple unsustainability” — economic, social and environmental. The indisputable evidence is on the front pages every morning: the never-ending aftershocks from the financial crisis of 2007-2009, events like this year’s North African rebellions and the now undeniable, acute effects of global warming.

Taken together, it represents a new reality that simply can’t be wished away — a reality of unsolved problems crying out for new and fundamental solutions, not the same old Band-Aids that only mask the wound... in order to survive on this planet, humanity has three huge problems to solve: get rid of fossil fuels, stop the demographic expansion and introduce a revolutionary technology that can save the economy.

Is there a common denominator? Fortunately, yes. And in that commonality exist solutions already in our grasp.
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