Jan 22, 2012

Full Text Reports...Waste-to-Energy Facilities Provide Significant Economic Benefits (PDF)

Source: Solid Waste Association of North America
From press release (PDF):

The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) released a white paper titled “Waste-to-Energy Facilities Provide Significant Economic Benefits.” The purpose of this white paper is to illustrate the financial success of waste-to-energy operations throughout the United States. Waste-to-energy is a reliable and renewable form of energy that has become the basis for many of the most successful solid waste management systems in North America. More than 80 waste-to-energy plants throughout the United States have allowed municipalities to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and waste to landfills, while providing significant financial benefits to their communities.

The paper highlights a number of economic benefits communities achieve by investing in waste-to-energy such as additional revenues generated from the sale of recovered metals and renewable energy. These revenue streams have been used to fund other solid waste activities as well as loan re-payment.

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