Jan 29, 2012

Romney Collects More in Donations From the Five Biggest Banks Than All Other Candidates Combined | Truthout

Truth Out - Mitt Romney has been leading the way in the 2012 presidential race when it comes to donations from Wall Street, pulling in millions from the financial sector since he launched his campaign. And the industry’s favor for Romney comes across even more when looking at just the five biggest banks in the U.S.: JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, and Goldman Sachs

In fact, as McClatchy News noted, Romney has received more in donations from employees of the nation’s five biggest banks than all of the other presidential candidates combined:

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Here is the full break down:

Ron Paul

US Army$24,503
US Air Force$23,335
US Navy$17,432
Mason Capital Management$14,000
Microsoft Corp$13,398
Microsoft Corp$171,573
Comcast Corp$113,800
University of California$107,501
Harvard University$99,975
Google Inc$95,066

Mitt Romney

Goldman Sachs$367,200
Credit Suisse Group$203,750
Morgan Stanley$199,800
HIG Capital$186,500

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