Apr 19, 2012

Share your #Safety Story and Get the #OSHA / GHS Hazard Communication Answer Book - Free

Mark Moran contacted me awhile back about helping the public comply with the new OSHA / GHS Hazard Communication Standards.

After a great discussion on how we came from similar backgrounds (our fathers  helped implement our nations first environmental and safety standards)... we got down to discussing his new book.

Mark asked if I could help get the word out on his new book that helps answer the tough questions about the new OSHA Hazard Communication Standards.
I let Mark know, I do not post any direct marketing, advertisements, endorsements, donations or promotions on my EHS network. I believe the information that the world needs to protect ourselves and our planet should be free and at the fingertips of everyone.

But, I did tell Mark that I would be happy to read and write a review for the book. I also told him I would give away my copy to a worthy cause*.

Want my copy of Marks new book "Hazard Communication Answer Book"?
Send me your story and I will send you the book*. Product Details


  • Keep it Short - One page
  • Keep it Personal - Why did you become a safety professional or how have safety programs saved or improved you or the lives around you
  • Keep it Sweet - Leave out names and keep it uplifting
  • There is only one copy to give away... so best story wins the book.
Email them to me here... and the best story (*ONE only) will get a great book and I will share your story with the world.


Christopher Haase