Sep 24, 2012

Urban Farm Brings Healthy Food to North Denver Neighborhood.

An urban farm aimed at providing food for an economically disadvantaged Denver neighborhood is drawing widespread interest because of its unique techniques. GrowHaus uses an aquaponic growing system comprised of a greenhouse containing tubs of well-fed fish and a water-circulation system that runs under the plants or beds of produce. Fish waste is treated within the system and converted to nutrients, which feed the plants. The plants absorb the nutrients and purify the water, which is then recirculated. GrowHaus use the water-saving method to produce leafy vegetables which are distributed within its Elyria-Swansea neighborhood. GrowHaus is joining one of the nation's newest trends: inner-city farming using state-of-the-art technology to grow crops and fish in a single symbiotic system that mimics nature's water cycle.

Please read on at: The Denver Post, September 19, 2012,

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